Project & Property 


As part of our work in helping our clients build wealth through real estate we offer project and property management services, as well as a number of creative solutions for sellers and buyers of homes.


The market being fickle, we often find we are investing is places that are not in our home state or city. 

Investing & Learning

We're all about finding creative solutions through real estate.  We pass this knowledge on to our clients, whether property sellers, buyers, or investors.


Our two new investor programs -- PIMA and REBI -- offer the safest way and lowest cost way to enter the real estate investment business. You can start earning 10% or more fast -- and we're invested with you.



As part of this process we often hold learning sessions, both informal and formal for our investor network clients. Let's face it, it's a huge and complex real estate world.  As we break into new markets we like to present the opportunities and return potential.  


Let us know if you interested in learning more about how you can build wealth with us, or what markets are best for you, and where we're headed next.


Anybody for Hawaii? We've got five great houses we've got contracts on right now!  All are 60 percent below market value.


Drop us a note or give us a call to learn more.  Just click on our logo to get started.



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As a result, we have created a business that helps our customers manage real estate investing, rehabbing, selling, buying, and property management from long-distance. But, we do have great teams in each location.


Our approach focuses on cities/areas that offer the best investment opportunity and then we dig in.  We find the best contractors, property managers, and sales agents. Sometimes it takes awhile and generally we have to learn the hardway, through trial and error. But once we have our team in place we then open it up to others.


If you need this kind of help in managing remote properties and investing, let us know. We can probably save you a lot of money and a lot of headaches.


Just give us a call.

Passive/Rental Income

Renovation & Sales

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