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Urban:Fix Magazine and MyUrbanFix Blog are media properties designed to inform, educate, and provide resources to readers interested in the micro-real estate developers journey in urban America, and the world.  Urban:Fix is designed, writing, and editing to provide insights on urban trends, design, and living.


Urban:Fix Magazine is all about the exciting world of urban living, in the U.S. and abroad. We find interesting stories, ideas, images, and insights on how cities are making life more enjoyable and rewarding the urban design and living.


Urban:Fix Magazine is all about offering our readers useful tips and ideas about urban living, working, and playing.  Our case studies features homes, lofts, work-live spaces, and urban entertainment.


We're all about sharing ideas and stories that inspire. Send us your urban living or renovation story today.  Or, if you know a great area that is up and coming, let us know. It's all about making our cities and urban landscapes interesting places to live and work.