We have just launched our "50/50" Property Investment Management Advisor  (PIMA) and our Real Estate Business Investment (REBI) Programs -- the easiest, safest, and most cost effective ways to get into passive income real estate investment.  These two programs make it easy for you to get started fast in building your passive income streams for living or retirement.  Below are brief descriptions of the programs select one, or both, and send us an email or call, and we'll get you started.

PIMA Program Property Investment Management AdvisoRY PROGRAM

We work with you directly to find the right investment properties. We want to make sure they fit your budget and passive income needs for the long-term.


We leverage your capital and you leverage our expertise and our capital.

Here's how it works: you purchase the property, we help find financing (if needed), you own it, we manage it, and then we cover 50% of the repair and maintenance costs. You gain all the deductions, tax benefits, and appreciation.


We're invested with you! We don't get paid unless you get paid.


This ensures that we find the best property, with the best returns, and the fear of major repairs and maintenance issues are cut to a minimum.


The REBI program is ideal for those that don't have a lot of money, but still want to begin building streams of passive income through real estate.  

In this program, we own the property, but you own a share of the property that produces a minimum of 10% Net Income to its limited member shareholders.  Depending on the property, the returns are usually much greater.


All properties are owned by us, but you have none of the owner fears or worry.  All member investors, which are limited to 2-5 per property, are assured their funds are secured in the LLC, monies are managed in escrow, and that a steady monthly cash return is provided. Everything is transparent and all investments are easily returned with 60-day notice. 

With our REBI Program, you can start getting streams of income with as little as $15,000.

PIMA Program -- We find the property for you, we help you finance it, and buy it. We manage it and provide 50% of the costs for repairs and maintenance. It's safe and minimizes your hassle while maximizing your investment return.

We Get Paid When You Get Paid

REBI -- This program allows individuals to get into real estate business investing with a minimal amount of money. Earn passive streams without worrying about bank loans, taxes, or ownership issues that may scare you. We own the homes, you benefit from the returns -- it's like owning part of a business, but it happens to be a property.

PIMA Program

REBI Program