Urban Redevelopment
Urban Redevelopment

Restaurant Space
Restaurant Space

Repurposing Heritage Properties
Repurposing Heritage Properties

Urban Redevelopment
Urban Redevelopment



In commercial real estate our focus is on apartment buildings and multi-use buildings. We look for building in downtown or Main Street growth areas that have unique character and potential.


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What We're Looking For

Our commercial portfolio is expanding. We are particularly focused on live/work spaces that repurpose "heritage" buildings. These offer buyers character and great space to either live or work.  We look for growing downtown areas that cater to technology and entertainment.

Apartments, Office, Other 

We are always looking for great opportunities in apartment, mobile home, and other commercial properties.  We have investments in large complexes in Texas and the midwest. When our customers are ready we step them up into the world of commercial real estate, where loans and returns are easier and longer term. 

Types of Commercial Property
  • Heritage Buildings

  • Creative Live-Work Space

  • Small Apartment Buildings (6 to 20 units)

  • ​Large Apartment Buildings (Above 20 units)

  • ​Building Conversions

  • Office 

  • ​Retail 

  • ​Entertainment

  • Restaurant

  • Co-Working Space