We're hands on. We invest with you.


Whether you can't sell a property, or you trying to buy your dream home, but can't, or you want to build a cash-flowing portfolio, that's what we do.


We find the best properties in the best growth markets. We fund them, renovate them, sell them, or hold them for monthly income.  We project manage each step of the way for ourselves and for our clients.


This is not mass buying and selling. We build wealth solidly and steadily.  We don't take every deal. We put design strategies into each property and we have the best teams supporting us.  If you want to sell, or buy a home, but aren't finding success, we're for you. 

We started with nothing. Now, we're independent and loving it.

Hi, we are Melanie Mihal and Bob Chew, real estate micro-developers.


We want to welcome everyone to WestRock and our affiliated enterprises. We're all about finding great properties and bringing them back to life, adding value, and finding homes for people left in the cold by traditional banks. As a result we hope to have a small but important role in the revitalization of our country urban and suburban areas.


At the same time, we create wealth for ourselves and for our clients as we rent out properties, renovate them, bring them back to life, and sell them to caring new owners. It beats sitting behind a desk!


Right now, we're investing heavily in Kansas City, Cleveland, and Phoenix. But soon we'll be moving into St. Louis, Memphis, Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, Dallas, and cities throughout Florida. This is where the math still works. Prices are low, properties are interesting, and demand is high.


We are always on the lookout for other cities (in the U.S. and overseas) and for people, perhaps people like you, who are interested in investing and rebuilding cities and neighborhoods, and sharing stories, photos, and videos about the experience.


We're going to be posting our own stories of houses we're buying, rehabbing and managing, and the great places we think have appeal and untapped potential.


The opportunities are everywhere! We want to hear from you and we want to learn, share, and have fun.


Grab a hammer, join in and rebuild with us.


The first property is the scariest.

It's true. There are so many fears. What if I can't rent it? What if there are cost overruns? What about taxes and water bills? What about bad tenants?  Yes, the first one is the scariest. But then you get through it, and the checks start coming in the mail. There's no better feeling in the world.  You've done it. Now, you're ready for the next property, and the next, and....  You're on your way.