Renovation Teams in Each City
Renovation Teams in Each City

Urban Trends
Urban Trends

Updating Kitchens
Updating Kitchens

Renovation Teams in Each City
Renovation Teams in Each City


​WestRock and NorthRock Properties are all about finding the right solutions for sellers, buyers, and investors. We know. We've started from scratch and we're now operating in seven states, and growing. We find great under-valued properties in strong markets and we hold, renovate, sell, or manage them for passive or re-sale income. And we find dream homes for our tenant-buyers, too. We'll show you how we sell your home fast, find your dream home, and develop income through real estate. We can change your life right now.

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Write Us and We'll Send You Our "No Pain, 50/50 Deal" That Gives You the Protection You Need With Investment Property Ownership -- Get $60,000 in Passive Income Yearly in Five Years." Learn more.

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We create innovative solutions for your real estate challenges. We find undervalued properties, we add value, and then we either hold it or we sell it to buyers looking for a great home. We have many programs. Let us know how we can sell your property, find you a property, or build your wealth in real estate today.

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DelRey Sol Real Estate Investments

We offer real estate solutions and income generating portfolios for our clients We have a variety of programs for any budget. We're invested in our projects, whether it's a rental, resale, lease to own, or commercial property.

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Tenanted, cash-flowing for years. Fully-rehabbed. Just put in brand new refridge, too. Garfield Heights, Ohio. $39.5K. Gross ROI close to 20%